Bit Introduction

Zhongcheng machhinery manufacturing branch is the sole subsidiary of Bohal Petroleum Equipment Company.Its Drilling Bit Manfacturing plant is a specialized diamond drilling bits manufacture which integrates with design, manufacture and service of bits. Drilling Bit Manufacturing Plant adopts CAD design and other advanced design means, manufacturing technologies, and possess a group of engineers who have abundant experience on the sport, so we can offers high-efficient and high-quality bits,PDC bits and field service.

We can produce 3"to 26" PDC bits and 17" casing drilling shoe. The products are suitable for extra-soft to middle hard formation's normal drilling,side trackong directional drilling and core drillig. We can supply PDC bit,TSP bit, side tracking directional drilling and core drilling.We can supply PDC bit, TSP bit, side tracking and defiective bit, bi-center reamer bit, core bit and impregnated PDC bit Menwhile, we can also design and manufacture different types of drilling bits according to the special working requirements of our customers.

Zhongcheng Company is an ISO90001, API Q1 Quality System registered firm, which has been executing API SPEC 7-1and SY/T5217-2000 Quality Specification All PDC bits that produce according to the API should use the API Monogram. We would like to provide good products and high-quality services for you.

The Currently Ruls of bit Code

  1. The First Filed expressed by digit, indicating the diameter of the bit, measured by inch or millimeter. The foregoing digit indicates the outside diameter (it just used coring bit, other types cancel them item). For example: 8 1/2*  101.6 it indicates that the bit outside diameter is 8 1/2* and the bit indoor diameter is 101.6mm.
  2. The second field is expressed by an english by an English letter, Indicating the bit type (classify with body material cutter type)
  3. The fifth filed is expressed by a digit, indicating the length of the bit crown profile.
  4. The seventh filed is expressed by a digit, inculcating design code.
  5. The eight field is accessional explainatin. 


BIT TYPE 12 1/4 MD9561ZC

121/4 Outer diameter: 12 1/4
M Matrix body PDC bit
D Normal drilling
5 5 blades
6 6 grade crown profile
1 design code is 1
ZC the special cutter of ZhongCheng


Letter – Bit Species

M PDC Matrix - body PDC bit.
s Matrix-body Nature Diamond bit.
N Matrix-body Nature Diamond bit.
5 5 blades
C Cylindrical Thermal Stable Polycrystalline Diamond bit
T Triangle Thermal Stable Polycrystalline Diamond bit
T Triangle Thermal Stable Polycrystalline Diamond bit
I Mono-crystal impregnated bit


The third field is express by an English letter, indicating the bit type

Letter Bit Usage
D Drilling bit
x Deflective bit
B Bi-centre bit

The fourt field is expressed by a digit, indicating cutter diameter.

Letter PDC cutter diameter
0 Less than 10mm
1 10mm
2 22mm
3 13mm
6 16mm
9 19mm