Greenland Energy solutions is a small independent Oil & gas service company founded in 2016. We specialize in providing complete well engineering services related Drilling, Completions and Workovers. We offer our services in project management, finance planning and also in “one stop” turnkey project execution. In our staff we have over 20 years of project management experience in varieties of Drilling & Completions related projects from Cooper Basin in SA (oil & gas wells) , Bowen &Surat Basin, QLD (Coal bed Methane) to Onshore/Offshore Drilling & Completions activities in in the Surma basin, Bangladesh and Offshore Drilling, Completions & Well services activities in the Pattani basin, Gulf Of Thailand.

Our services will begin from the concept stage up to detailed well engineering at the office and we will also provide services with project execution in the field (below rotary) in a safe and efficient manner. Safety is our utmost priority at all times and “Zero discharge” is our motto from an HES standpoint. Our key strength is technical aptitude coupled with the ability to relate to people from diverse backgrounds at all levels. We will keep our customers “in the loop” at all times with real time “two-way” communication. We guarantee customer satisfaction at all times.